About me

I am a multimedia artist of Spanish & German origin based in the United Kingdom. I go by the name of  'Daki' on the internet, and publish my artbooks and comics under the pseudonym 'Dakira Valentine'.


My main focus is digital illustration, concept art and character design, but I also do comics, japanese manga, 2D / 3D animations and motion graphics. I graduated from university in 2016 with a bachelors in visual effects and animation, and in 2017 I furthered my studies with a masters degree in animation, graduating with merits.

I am now a full time freelance illustrator who works for game companies, private clients and comercial commissioners. I also attend anime themed conventions as an artist all over Europe. Lastly, I dedicate a good portion of my time to working on my own webtoon: 'Witch Pact', which will be launched online in September 2019.

I speak fluent English, Spanish and German, and have an intermediate level of French.

About my work

My main focus is digital illustration and concept art, but I also work traditionally on occasional pieces and commissions at conventions. I like to build a lot of my digital art around flower symbolism and folklore elements. My traditional pieces on the other hand, are always done in solid black ink work and decorated with golden or silver details. I love making my physical drawings sparkle!

My main area of expertise is based around the japanese anime aesthetic, making me focus predominantly on human figures, but I have also illustrated monsters, animals, weapons and backgrounds for clients and personal use before. 

I also have experience and training in 2D / 3D animation and motion graphics: Focusing predominantly in the film media, but also having some experience with videogames. I only take said jobs as personal projects or when I am not engaged in any other illustration assignments.

About my hobbies

Aside from my predictable fondness for drawing, I have a few other pastimes that shape and inspire my work at every turn. I am a martial arts enthusiast, holding a black belt in taekwondo and a blue belt in judo. However, I now dedicate my time to illustrating them rather than training in their disciplines.

Thriller fantasy Books and Video games also play an important role in my life, mainly when it comes to historical & political themes, RPGs, MMOs and TBS games, all of which serve as great sources of inspiration for my illustrative aesthetics. 

Lastly, there are a few disciplines that always spark my academical interest, although I am by no means an expert in them. these include astronomy, zoology, botany, piano, folklore and history.